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Christopher Ward

A startup by three smart Liverpudlians. Swiss watches manufactured in Biel, designed in England, and only available online at a price to make Rolex, Patek Phillipe, Breitling etc. weep.


Print ads for Hayter lawnmowers to mark their 70th year in business, and some absorbing content on cultivating the perfect, quintessentially British lawn. 



University of Gloucestershire

Over the four years I worked with the university, a combination of compelling digital and DM boosted attendances at open days, resulting in new student admissions rising by a fifth from where they'd been.


TV & Film

Before we had big data, we had big ideas. The only thing that would make an ad work was that it had to be good. Here are a few that did the trick, made by the production company I co-founded.


Pitches and one-offs

A few one-offs, and some pitches that hit the post. InDesign stuff and scamps - bashed out late into the night, guzzling pizza and full fat coke, the fuel of pitch fever.

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Hook Norton

A series of posters and flyers at food and drink fairs and music festivals, to let attendees know that Hook Norton is no faddish, Johnny-come-lately trendy craft ale.


Action Net Zero

A winning pitch for a community interest company with a brief to persuade drivers in traffic-choked Bristol to switch to electric cars. Approached with cheeky, but thought-provoking humour and not getting all Greta Thunberg about it.




I worked on the STIHL account for three years. Brilliant products and a terrific, straight-talking Aussie client, who gave a big thumbs up to all I did, especially the conference film I wrote and directed to win over a tough audience of cynical dealers. ‘No marketing speak or PowerPoint bullshit’ was his brief. So that’s what I gave him.

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When things were going pear-shaped for Big 6 energy supplier, npower, they overhauled the business from top to bottom. This film was part of a programme of internal communications to rally npower’s workforce.

Shire Pharmaceuticals

Pan-European launch concepts for Intuniv, a new ADHD medication developed for children and teenagers, and a neat piece of DM encouraging GPs to reassess medication at the stressful time of going back to school after the long summer holidays. All enthusiastically received by GPs and HCPs at focus groups across Europe. This was about the mundanities of everyday life, which for parents of a child with ADHD, humdrum, uneventful life is what they dream of.

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Empire Dogs


A lovely packaging job . Hot dogs made from prime British meat, blended with exotic spices, which once arrived at London’s spice wharves southeast of the Thames back in the 1920s after perilous ocean crossings. The ingredients for some great stories centred around fictional, colourful dockers.


Macular Society

Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is the biggest cause of sight loss in the world. Sometimes a condition called Charles Bonnet syndrome follows, side-effects being often horrific hallucinations. The Macular Society is a charity that supports those affected, and funds research to find a cure. This work really opened eyes to AMD, and what the charity does to help. It opened wallets too, pulling in over 3,000 new donors.

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Disney Channel

Promo for Family Movie Night on the Disney Channel, one of several I was responsible for, two of which won Gold and Silver at PROMAX, annual awards for the best in international TV branding.

If you didn’t know, (I didn’t) Open Innovation is an online tendering process, where companies, often huge ones, can source solutions to business issues from outside of their organisation, from literally anyone, anywhere in the world. This film got a lot of Solverboard signups amongst those wanting to be part of it.

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A few clients I've worked for
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